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Are you planning to set up a company or start up business in Japan?
None of the business faces same situations. We understand each business have different objectives and problems. Solutions to each client have to be tailored, and quick in this rapidly changing business environment. We, professionals in Ishiwari CPA office, are here to meet your unique business needs, and help you with stay competitive in your business environment and achieve ultimate goals of your organizations.

About Us

Ishiwari CPA office is a professional service firm which has provided a wide range of accounting, financial and tax consulting services to clients since 1990's. Our philosophy is to build close relationships with clients, meet each business needs and help them to achieve business objects by offering tailored solutions to our clients at the reasonable fee. We provide wide ranges of services including, Accounting, Tax advisory services, Business Startup & IPO support, Financial and Management Consulting, Payroll and Social insurance, and outsourcing services to both Japanese companies and Non-Japanese International companies.
Ishiwari CPA office provides services with Japanese and American companies operating in Japan. We are committed to provide the highest quality of professional services in order to add values to your business operations.

Name of office; Ishiwari CPA Office
Address; Takanawa OS Bldg 6F, 3-25-22 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074, Japan
Phone; +81-3-3442-8004

Our Services

Our experienced professionals have provided following services.

Accounting and Payroll

"We will handle you day-to-day accounting operations. Why don't you focus on other operations which generate revenue?"

Hiring people and providing trainings with them costs a considerable amount of organizational resources, especially money and time. It is hard for start-up companies since organizational resources are limited, and must be used efficiently to generate profits for organization to be grown rapidly.
Outsourcing your accounting department to us can save your time and costs, and you can focus on adding values to your business and generating revenues.

Following services are just parts of our Accounting and Payroll services.

These services are just parts of our services. In order to meet your unique business needs, we also provide other services such as the preparation of compiled financial statements, and the preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements. We help your business plan for growth and address financing requirements.

Tax Advisory & Consulting

"When in Roma, do as the Romans do."

Complying with Japanese Tax regulations and laws are challenging for foreign companies. Whether enterprise operating in Japan is classified as a domestic or a foreign organization, it differs in filing your tax returns. We can provide reliable and accurate tax services for foreign corporations operating in Japan. Followings are our professional services in our Tax advisory services.

Ishiwari CPA office has extensive experiences in tax-related issues. We provide tax planning and preparation services to individuals as well.

Financial & Management Advisory

Professionals in Ishiwari CPA offices provide the broadest range of advisory services including

For long-term organizational objects to be achieved, allocation of resources has to be planned and managed efficiently, especially when the organization is still in start-up phase. Often, some firms face cash flow problems even though the profit is increasing. Our professionals work with CFO closely to help them with allocates and manage resources. We also support the management in formulation of strategic and operational planning from the financial perspective.

Business Startup & IPO Support

Ishiwari CPA offices support you entrance to Japanese market. Business Startup & IPO Support Services includes:

Our professionals support you to succeed in Japanese market by providing high quality services.

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